No time to do your hair but don’t want to be a MESS?

Save time on your hair!No time to wash AND dry/style? Here’s one of my quick fix mom hair tricks:
1. Wash hair:) or Spa time as mom’s with kids might think of it.
2. While hair is damp French braid it into a crown around your head. The key is to pull the braid loose once it’s braided and pin so you don’t look like a Little Women character.
3. Wear braid style all day or sleep on it.
4. Day 2: once hair is dry, take braid out and apply a little serum or hair spray to smooth. These types of waves look good pinned back.
5. Day 3: with a large barrel curling iron curl front, top, and end pieces of hair only. This took me less than 5 min and I have very thick frizzy hair.
** If I were to dry and straighten my hair from a wet state it takes an hour so, with 5 minutes or less a day this quick fix mom trick saves me MUCHO TIME.